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Sync problem iPad

 I have an anoying problem with the sync to my iPad.

When I add/delete/change someting on my iPad, it syncs perfectly with my iPhone, MacPro and MacBook with iCloud. But when I add/delete/change something on my iPhone, MacPro or MacBook, it syncs only between those three devices, but it will not sync to my iPad.

All the devices use the same iCloud-accound, has all iOS 14.8 and has mSecure 5 (5.7.3).

I've checked everything that I can check as far as I know, but I can't figure out what causes this problem.

Anybody a suggestion?

Best regards,


Hi Emiel,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. Unfortunately, these types of issues crop up with iCloud syncing, and it's something we are not able to resolve. With iCloud syncing, each mSecure app simply bundles up the sync data and hands it off the OS on the device. After it's handed off, everything that happens with regards to the actual syncing is handled by iCloud. This makes it incredibly difficult to troubleshoot, because we have no access to the details that actually control the syncing of the data. 

The difficulty is outlined perfectly in your description of what's happening. It's obvious that the data is getting handed off to iCloud, because 3 out of 4 of your devices are working perfectly. However, on your iPad, for some reason, while the syncing works when changes are made on that device, it doesn't work when the changes are made in mSecure on the other devices. All of the apps are running the same sync code, so if one of them is receiving the sync data, then all of them should.

There are things we can do to troubleshoot the problem, but it is possible the issue will persist. It's also possible to fix the issue now, and then it arises again on a different device. The strangest thing is, while this can happen to some of our users, for the vast majority, iCloud syncing has no problems at all. What we do first in these situations is recommend using mSecure Cloud syncing instead. Since the data is not run through a third-party service, and we have control of all of the sync logic, it's always consistent, and if we do run into a problem, we can analyze it all the way through the process to fix it. Are you open to using mSecure Cloud syncing, or do you want to troubleshoot the iCloud issues?

Hello Mike,

Switching to mSecure cloud for the sync made my iPad sync work again. It's definitely iCloud that causes the problem. But it will be difficult to find out what the problem exactly is.

Thanks for helping and the suggestion.


Hi Emiel,

It's great to hear everything is working with syncing through mSecure Cloud. Should you decide you would like to troubleshoot the iCloud sync issue, please do let me know.

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