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Fatal bug on IOS version of mSecure 5. Still not fixed.

Ever since mSecure 5 has come out, I've had the same fatal bug one IOS that prevented me from migrating from 4.5 (IOS).

I migrate my data, everything goes smooth. On the Mac, everything works. On IOS, the data appears correct and I can scroll the records, modify them etc. As soon as I touch the hamburger menu on the top left, the application freezes and I have to force quit the app...

Is it only me ? I can't believe everybody would have lived with this problem for so long. Is it related to the data I migrate ? I have zero attachement to my records in my legacy DB (only text), so I don't quite see...


Hi Eric,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. Believe it or not, you may be the only person experiencing this issue. I know that I have never handled an issue in support that exhibits the behavior you're describing, but it's definitely possible one of our other support reps has. The thing I can say for sure is that what you are experiencing is not a known bug in the app. Since we're so far along in v5's development, I'm hopeful this will be a simple fix.

Do you currently have mSecure 5 installed on your Mac and iOS device(s)? If so, are you seeing the freezing now on your iOS device(s)? Also, do you have access to all your data in mSecure 5 on Mac, or would you need to transfer your existing information in from the old app in order to make sure everything is up to date in the new app?

Hello Mike,

thanks for the answer! Yes, the app is installed both on Mac and on iOS. Works fine on the Mac. All the data is apparently available on both as well. It’s just the hamburger menu that bricks the IOS app. I do believe you when you say that not many of us are struck by this bug, otherwise you wouldn’t have sold many copies!

It is independent of the system, because it’s been doing it to me since Msecure5 came out, so many versions of IOS ago. And the bug is the same on my Mac Pro and on my IPhone.

it must be something in the data: if I create a file from zero, i.e. with a different account and create one record, then the hamburger menu is fine.

I saved my data from the 3.x version on the Mac, imported it in v5 on the Mac as well by restoring the saved file, and synced the converted data to icloud. Then the IOS apps sync the data from icloud and all seems ok. Until the hambuger thing.

Or could it be a limit on the sise of each record, or of specific fields (I have long notes…). Otherwise the data itself is fairly plain: just text…

I have 670 records, I would hate to renenter them by hand one by one!


Hi Eric,

Thank you for all of the extra information here! I would agree with you that this sounds like a data issue, though it's so strange that this is the first I've heard of it. It's very rare these days I hear of a new issue in mSecure 5, though I do understand it's been happening on your devices for a long time.

One thing I need to clarify, in your first post, you mentioned everything was working on your Mac, but in your last post, you said the bug is the same on your Mac Pro and your iPhone. I'm guessing you are running mSecure on two different Mac computers, or did I just misunderstand something originally? If you are experiencing something similar on your Mac, how does it show itself, because there is no menu that slides out to show extra information in the app?

Sorry, I  must have mistyped somewhere. Mac is fine. (Mac Pro it is). Problems are with IOS, i.e with my IPad Pro, and my IPhone!

No problem at all Eric...I just wanted to make sure I was on the same page with you =)  Before we try to fix anything, can you let me know all of the numbers you see to the right of the row labels in the left column of your Mac mSecure app? For example, at the top of the left column you should see "All Items" and to the right of that, there will be a number. You should also see numbers to the right of many of those items. Make sure the Groups and Types sections are closed, then write out the row name and the number that is to the right like this:

All Items: 65

Recents: 20

Logins: 57



Oh, and be sure to write out the number you see next to the Security Center label. I think that might have something to do with what's happening here.

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