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Deleting app from one device while continuing to use it on others

I have mSecure 5 on 3 devices. They synch via WiFI. I want to delete the app from one of the devices, but when I start the process, it shows a warning that deleting the app will delete all of its data unless the data is stored in the cloud. Can I delete mSecure from only one of my devices without losing all of my data/passwords and continue to use it on the other 2?

Hi Mike,

I just responded to what I believe is the same post in a different thread in the forum. Here is the information I wrote there...

I can't say why only one of the mSecure apps wouldn't accept your password. It's possible that it's connected to a different account, which is not uncommon, but I can't tell with the information I have now.

You may just need to reinstall the app, but before I can give you full instructions, I'll need to know what types of devices you are using. Let me know all of the device types, and also let me know on which device you are not able to sign in to mSecure.

Thanks, Mike.

I can sign into mSecure on my iPhone and Mac. I can no longer sign into mSecure on my iPad.

Hi Mike,

Ok, this should be very simple. You can just delete mSecure on your iPad, reinstall it from the App Store app, and then sign in to your account again. The message you are seeing about data being destroyed is a needed warning, because if you don't have your data stored somewhere else off that device, the data will be deleted. You, however, have your data synced over to mSecure on other devices, so this is not an issue.

how to delete data on an imac?

@Myron You can delete any record by simply clicking on it in the middle column of the app, then click the trash can icon in the bottom right corner.

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