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Hi due to the fact that I have not received QR I cannot open MSecure can you please refund the money to my pal pay account.

Thanks Ken

Hi Ken,

I need much more information from you. First, I don't know anything about your purchase, so I wouldn't be able to find it in our system. Second, I'm not even sure right now you need the QR code, because you could be in a context where you account needs to be reset, which is where a lot of our customers find themselves.

If you would like to get a refund without any help first, when did you purchase you mSecure license, and which email address did you use to make the purchase?

If you want help, which email address is used for your mSecure account? Also, are you simply trying to upgrade to mSecure 5 here? If so, did you just create an mSecure 5 account recently, or was it created some time ago? If you can give me specific information, I should be able to help.

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