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Cannot disable Main, get error message 'Cannot modify user'

Using Wifi Sync, my Main device's IP address changed and my devices no longer sync. I tried the suggestion to disable and re-enable my Main device, but when I attempt to disable Main, I get the error message:

'Cannot modify user [text string]'

What does this mean ? I attempted to search for the text string in msecure with the msecure search, but get no matches. Can you recommend how to debug and correct this error ?

1 person has this problem

using msecure v5.7.2

Hi Jay,

Thank you for contacting us. This error message means that somehow, the app has become disconnected to your mSecure account. We run into this issue from time to time, but we're not sure yet what causes it to happen. The fix is pretty simple, but before I can give you instructions, I need to know in which of your device's mSecure apps is all your data fully up to date?

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