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License not applied after purchase

I have used msecure for 3 years. I only used wifi sync in the past.

I purchased the update for 14.95 but now that I have installed the app on my mac and iOS devices it still is showing a 30 day trial.  I have attached the proof of purchase page. 

I assume the single license should be applied to all my devices.


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Hi Beth,

Thank you for contacting us. I believe the problem here is that you are signed in to an account using a different email address than you used when you purchased your license on our site. I don't see the attachment with the proof of purchase, so if you could attach that, it would be helpful. Also, go ahead and check the Username field in the Account Settings of mSecure on both your Mac and iOS devices. What is the email shown there?

I filed a ticket #71105 which supplies more information.

Hi Beth,

It looks like Nick was able to take care of the issue yesterday. If for some reason the problem persists, go ahead and respond to his last email, and he can help.

I just signed up for pro but used a different user name than what I used for the trial.  Now it appears that MSecure wants to continue to use the original email user name and I would like to use the new email user.  Can we fix this?

Hi Philip,

I can change which account the license is applied to. Please let me know what email address you used for the purchase as well as the email address you use for your mSecure account. After I have those, I'll apply the license to the right account.

Mike , Do you want me to provide both email addresses here? The one that I was using for the trial period and the one that I used to purchase the license? I would want to use the address that I used to purchase the license.

Hi Philip,

Yes, I would need to know both the email address that was used for the purchase and the email address that was used when you set up the account in mSecure 5. After I have both email addresses, I can manually move the license over to the one you used for the purchase. Make sure you tell me which of them was used for the purchase. Even though that should be obvious when I look at the accounts, it's always good to know beforehand as well.

Mike, Sorry for the late reply. I used to purchase the license and this is the address I would like to continue to use. To setup the account the address was
I purchased the pro version, but the trial is still counting down. When I first installed mSecure, I used haller @ When I purchased it, I used a different email: d1358531 @ In the app I changed the email to d1358531…. but it’s still the trial. I’ve submitted a couple of tickets but haven’t had a response yet. Can you look into this? Thanks!

@Philip I believe everything should be fixed now. I moved your license over to the account you used to set up mSecure on your devices, then I moved your license over from the account that created when you purchased the license. You should see the license and the username change within about a minute of opening and unlocking mSecure on your various devices.

@Dave I'm not sure what's happening here, but since you showed your proof of purchase, I'll add a license manually to an account you have when I'm able to fully understand what's happening. The easiest way to get this straightened out will be to have you tell me which email address you are seeing in the account settings of all your mSecure apps. After following the instructions below, tell me which email you see next to "Username" in the Account Settings, and tell me which device is the one you know has all your information up to date in mSecure.

For the mobile app (iOS/Android):

    1.    Tap the menu icon in the top left of mSecure's main view

    2.    Tap Settings at the bottom of menu

    3.    Tap Account Settings

For the Mac app:

    1.    Open mSecure

    2.    Click "mSecure > Preferences" in the menu bar in the top left of your screen

    3.    Click the "Account" tab

For the Windows app:

    1.    Click the settings icon in the bottom of the left column

    2.    Click Account Settings

Which email address do you see next to the Username field in each of your mSecure apps?

Thanks Mike! The username is

@Dave I'm not sure what happened, but the license was not applied after your purchase. I added it to the account, so you should see it now after about a minute of opening and unlocking mSecure on your devices.

Thanks so much for your help!

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