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Some feedback

I bought both the Windows and iOS versions of mSecure. I liked the app because it didn't ask me to use cloud services to backup my passwords because I didn't want that. I wanted a local database that was safe and away from the internet.

However, both my iOS version and, technically, the Windows version I bought are out of date. While the windows version still works, the licence server has locked me out. This is my first piece of feedback - it is not reasonable to stop people re-installing their app and having to beg for reactivations. I accept that preventing people from sharing their key is necassary, but there are far better ways to handle that problem.

Secondly, my iOS verion is now totally broken, as you know a change from Apple has meant it needs to be updated, and as you aren't prepared to do that, those of us perfectly happy with the old version are now either having to pay for the updated one, or lose access to our passwords.

I don't expect new featues, but refusing to make changes to the old app so people can carry on using it after they've paid, is pretty unfair.

I'm not expecting you to change your policy. But I would like to be able to take my mSecure passwords and find an alternative service to store them in. The way all these updates have been handled has put me off remaining a customer.


Hi Ian,

Thank you for your feedback, and I can help you with getting your data out of mSecure. I want to respond to both your points first, however.

First, you are not locked out of the old mSecure app permanently on your PC. The problem is most likely that we need to add an activation for you, and then the app would work fine. I actually don't know how you got into this context, because the only way for the app to require it to be activated is if you install it on a new device, which may be what happened. Regardless, all you have to do is ask, and we add an activation for you so you can continue using the app. Also, since the old app isn't supported, when we add activations, we simply add a bunch of them so you don't run into the same problem in the future. In short, we're not keeping you from using the old app.

Second, the old mSecure 4 app is simply no longer supported. This happens all the time with software, so we're a little bit confused at some of the feedback we're getting from our customers. The mSecure 5 app was released more than 4 years ago, and it was released as a new app with one of the main reasons being that no one should be forced into a paid upgrade. Now, the old, unsupported app is no longer working due to iOS updates, which isn't uncommon, so the only option to continue using mSecure is to upgrade and pay for an mSecure 5 Pro license. If you don't want to continue using the new app because it's a paid upgrade, that is totally fine. As mentioned above, I can help you get the data out of mSecure into a CSV file for transfer to a different app.

This will all be easier to handle via email, because I'll need to get some private information from you. Once I'm able to get your activation problem fixed on your PC, you'll be able to export the data to a CSV file. Go ahead and email us at and add "Attention Mike: Windows Activation Issue" to the subject line. After you send the email, post that you sent it here, and I'll respond when I see it.

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