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Setting up mSecure app on my PC

I got to the point in the process where the Account Key is required.  There are three options:  option 1 "Import Account Key File" makes no sense - I saved no "mSecure.msecurekey" file on my computer.    Option 3 "Use Camera" is a non-starter as there is no camera on my desktop resource.  Option 2 "Import Account Key from Clipboard seems like the solution but it doesn't work.  I copied the encrypted account key from my QR code e-mail, however, when I click the "clipboard" icon, instead of giving me a way to paste my copied code, it takes me to my PC to look for files - no idea what to use.  Can anyone explain what is happening and how to solve my problem?

Mike, you've been answering this same bug so many times for over two years - I know I've been reading them just now. To summarise: When the QR code is out of date, the clipboard button shows a completely irrelevant 'Open' dialogue instead of the proper error message. That is a bug as Varley explained, or have I misunderstood something.

Why hasn't this ever been fixed? Just make it say "Your code is out of date or copied incorrectly. Please ____"

As of August 2021 it STILL opens a totally irrelevant 'Open' window - having wasted the last few hours of my time and, as it appears, lots of other people's.

For anyone reading this experiencing the same problem:

Go to another device > Go to settings > Account Settings > View Authentication QR Code > Copy the new code that comes in, and it won't show a baffling 'Open' window.


What you are referring to isn't actually a bug, which is the main reason it hasn't been fixed. The problem is that a password change was done, and/or the user reset their account, and mSecure is giving a different option for importing the QR code, which turns out to be confusing. We know it's confusing, and it has already been changed in mSecure 6, which will be released soon. The problem won't be addressed in v5.

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