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Unable to log into other devices after password reset

I recently changed my password for Secure on my iPad.  Now, when I try and log n on my desktop, laptop or iPhone, it briefly logs me in, then tells me the password was changed on another device, logs me out, and then won't let me log in with the new password.

I tried changing it back to the old password, and get the same results.

No response from support after submitting a ticket (at least not since yesterday).

Hi CJ,

Thank you for contacting us, and I’m sorry for the time it has taken to receive a reply from us. We’re backed up in support right now, so response times are significantly higher than normal. I don't know what could be happening here to cause this behavior. I just tested everything between my iPhone and Mac, and it working as it should. I change the password on my iPhone, and then unlock mSecure on my Mac. After I unlock the app on the Mac, it tells me the password was changed, which is correct behavior. After that, I enter the new password, and it unlocks.

When you try to unlock on your iPhone, what happens if you try to use the old password? Does it let you in and then tell you the password has been changed? That should only happen one time, so if it's continuing to happen, something is definitely wrong here.

Also, is the email to your mSecure account the email I can see for this support account?

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