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mSecure 5 no longer available on Android?

I just purchased a Samsung Galaxy S21. I have used mSecure 5 on my old device since it was upgraded from mSecure 4.0. Why can I no longer find mSecure 5 in either the Samsung or Google Play Store?

I hope this is only a short term issue as I'd prefer not to have to buy another password security program!

Please advise ....

Thank you

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Thank you for contacting us. We have run into some problems with mSecure in the Play Store, and we’re hoping to have them resolved soon. Unfortunately, it will not be available for a short time while we work the issues. Please check back in a day or two, as we hope it will be resolved quickly.

So where can we download the app? Can't find it anywhere. If you try to download from your website it says already purchased and takes you round in a loop.
As a workaround, can you temporarily make the Android APK available for download from your web site?

yep good idea .... new phone and no password manager. Pretty frustrating!

Hi Everyone,

The mSecure app is now back on the Play Store, so no need to side-load the APK from our site. Here's the link to the Play Store app in case it's needed:

I have the same issue while trying to install msecure on my wife's new phone.  Is there an ETA for this?  It is kind of important!

@Suresh The mSecure app is now back on the Play Store:

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