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Hi Every one, 

I opened a ticket and no one has replied to me, I'm starting to worry that something has happened to this company. 

Are they still around? are they still developing software? and upgrading the product?

my Dropbox stopped syncing so I  tried to resync it but I keep getting an error message. 

Has any one else experienced this? 

I'm using mSecure5

I tried everything, I uninstalled the mSecure Windows APP and reinstalled it again and still nothing. 
stupid me I never took a  back up of the password details so now dont know if my app is more up to date or my windows APP Manager is more up to day. lol

hope some one can shed some light on what is best to do. 

Also now that I have uninstalled the Windows APP all the password records are gone. 
I tried reinstalling it and tried to connected to the Dropbox account but I am receiving this error message. failed to connect to Dropbox and its unable to sync with drop box at all. 

Hi George,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry to hear about the issue you are experiencing here. Our support volume is very high right now due to the Memorial Day Holiday time off and also dealing with an issue caused by the iOS 14.5 update that affects the older, no longer supported version of the app. Right now, our response times are much, much longer than normal.

Regarding the issue you are experiencing, Dropbox changed the APIs for connecting with their service, so it's no longer possible to sync via Dropbox in the Windows version if you are using mSecure version 3 or 5. We will be releasing mSecure 6 soon, and Dropbox syncing does work in that version. However, Dropbox syncing won't work again in mSecure 3 or 5.

If you were using Dropbox syncing previously, did you have another device running mSecure that you were syncing your data with? If so, do you see your information in mSecure on that device?

The problem we have now is, your data stored locally on the PC is destroyed when you uninstall the app. The only way to get it back is to either sync it in from another device, which we can do using mSecure Cloud syncing, or we need to try and find a backup file to restore your data from.

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