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MSecure is not accepting the password

I am able to see the password but it not accepted by the application

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Hi Allan,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. I'm not sure what you mean here when you say you can see the password. That may not matter, but it seems like it's an important part of the problem. Can you step me through that you are doing that leads you to the moment where you password is not accepted?

When I try to apply enter the password the app complains . I tried to remove the application so that I can reinstall the application that also failed . I also can,t find the installation file

Allan Black

I believe that there was already a older copy of mSeven and this appears to cause issues with the new install.  It kept saying that the passwords do not match and I couldn't change it

Trying to send message

I have lost access to all my copies of MSecure.  I had a copy on my ipad and I have lost access to that one 

Please help as I have been having issues with my devices


Hi Allan,

Unfortunately, I'm having trouble understanding what has happened here. If you removed the application from your mobile devices, that could be a very big problem, because when the app is uninstalled, all of the data stored in it is deleted from the device. Also, we have two different versions of mSecure that you could have been running on your devices, and at this time, I don't which one you were running before you uninstalled and which one you are running now.

Are you now saying you are locked out of mSecure on every one of your devices? And were you only running mSecure on the iPad, or did you have it installed on a different device as well?

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