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pro version paid but still asking for payment paid online with discount then I downloaded the app 

still asking for payment 

need help

Hi Rajsum,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. The issue you are experiencing is typically caused by having multiple mSecure accounts, so the license doesn't get applied to the account you were thinking it would during the initial purchase. That's ok though. This one is pretty simple to resolve.

First, did you actually pay for the license two times, or are you just saying that you are asked to pay for the license after you already made the purchase? If you did pay for it twice, did you make one purchase from our website and then another purchase through the App Store from inside the mSecure app?

I paid once on website Then downloaded both on iOS and Mac. Both accounts asking for payment to enable pro version

Hi Rajsum,

What you are describing sounds like you are signed in to an mSecure account that has a different username than the email address you entered when making your purchase on our website. Can you open mSecure Settings on both your iOS and Mac devices, then go to the Account Settings and let me know what email address you see next to "Username"?

I have used both phone and Mac same email My issue is to see my account as pro version
Both are same username , If that’s the case At least one account has to show as pro
But I checked twice both are same username

Can you let me know what username you are seeing in the Account Settings on both devices? I need to check your account in our system to see if I can find out what's happening here. Without knowing the username you are seeing in your mSecure apps, there's no way for me to look into the issue further.

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