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Credit card number not obscuring on new entries

Good afternoon,

I have discovered a recent issue where the card number of entries created with the credit card template are not obscuring as they're supposed to.  I have several previous credit card entries that work as they're supposed to - once entering the information and saving it the credit card number is obscured by asterisks with exception to the final four digits.  However, any new entry I now create from the credit card template continues to show the full number once I save it.  This is in both the center list and the info panel on the right side.  All other fields made from this and other templates seem to obscure sensitive fields correctly.  Previous credit card entries do not have this issue, only new ones I create.

I found the related topic here ( and it does not function as it is described in the resolution.

I've attached a screenshot for reference.

Thanks for any help,


I am running mSecure 5 version



Hi Ryan,

One thing the linked article in your post doesn't mention is that the number entered into the Credit Card field has to be a real credit card number in order for it to be hidden. For example, if you add a real 16 digit Visa card number as I have in the screenshot I'm attaching, you'll see should see the number get hidden. If, on the other hand, a number like "1234567890123456" is added, that's not a real Visa card number, and mSecure knows that, so it doesn't get hidden.

The problem is, it's possible that there are unsupported Credit Card number formats out there, so even if the card is a real number, it won't be recognized in mSecure as such. First, are you entering a real credit number or just test numbers? If it is a real number, can you tell me what type of card it is and what is the issuing bank?

NOTE: The version I'm running in the screenshot is a test build of mSecure 6, so it doesn't look like mSecure 5. However, the credit card number functionality is the same in each version of the app. It has not been updated in v6.

Good morning,

The issuing bank for the entry I'm talking about (not shown in my screenshot) is Synchrony (which is an unorthodox issuer).  I didn't realize that it had to be a legitimate card number to obscure, but I just checked this for other credit cards and it does indeed work as you describe if I modify a currently working entry to a fake number.   That explains why my test example didn't obscure also.

I'm actually in the process of cancelling that Synchrony card anyway so this issue will resolve for me going forward.  I just thought I found a bug.

Thanks for the quick reply Mike!


Hi Ryan,

No problem at all, and I'm glad it's all making sense. Some of the things we do to make the app better, can actually cause certain problems as you are seeing. For most all of the popular cards, everything works well, but for others, mSecure gets confused. Let me know if you have other questions about the app, and take care!

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