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incomplete syncing between iphone and apple watch


Also on my devices the syncing is incomplete (about 100 out of 450 items are synced)

iPhone showes that he is syncing but is not complete, he leaves random items.

Do you have any solutions.

Kind regards

Jos de Veer

Hi Jos,

Thank you for contacting us. When running mSecure on your Apple Watch, all of the records will not sync over to the watch app unless you decide to move them there manually. When you first set up mSecure on the watch, only certain records based on certain type templates are added, since for most customers, many of the records they store in mSecure would not be useful in the Watch app.

Just to make sure everything is working correctly, go ahead and tap on one of the records that is not showing in mSecure on your Watch. Edit the record, then scroll down to the bottom of the record. You should see a button that's titled "Add to Apple Watch" or "Remove from Apple Watch." Which label do you see on that button?

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