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Password History

Is there a feature in mSecure 5 that allows you to see previous passwords for a log in.

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Hi David,

Thank you for contacting us. At this time, there is no way to see previous password for your Login records. However, it is a feature on our radar for future development. Real quick, can you let me know why this feature would be helpful in your particular context?

This feature is very helpful in instances where you have issues with a new password you created and need to use your previous password. 1password has this feature.

Thank you for the feedback @Kenneth. We do have this feature on our radar, though I'm not the one to make the decision on if or when it will be added to the app.

Many sites are asking for strong passwords which mSecure can easily generate. However if you are changing the password in mSecure and need to go to a site where you had an older strong password if there’s no history then you’ve gotta write down the password to use the older password.  Having a history of previous passwords or at least the last two, allows one to easily change to a new password on a site.

@Richard Thank you for the extra feedback for this feature request. It is on our radar, and need for the feature is definitely understood. As we continue to add features to mSecure in future releases, this one will always be under consideration.

+1 on this feature request. Exactly the same use case as the rest of the posters. My other half uses 1password and I noticed that useful feature when she has to change her passwords. Would be great if msecure has it as well.

Thank you for the added feedback on this one @Ai. I'm not sure when it will be added, but this one has been on the list for awhile now. Hopefully it will be soon.

Is there any way to assist me in recovering my password without deleting all of my information?

Hi Wayne,

It would be better if I knew the full context you find yourself in before answering this question. If you are locked out of your mSecure app on all devices, and you cannot remember your password, then there is no way to recover it without resetting the app and destroying your data. However, if you are able to open any version of mSecure using either your fingerprint or facial recognition, then you should be able to do what's needed without destroying any information.

What exactly is happening here? Are you able to open any version of mSecure on at least one device with either your fingerprint or facial recognition?

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