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Password PLEASE

I bought the app 4 years ago, i guess it was the Msecure 4.
A few days ago my phone died with the app, i do have a backup but until i buy a new phone i can't restore it cuz the emergency phone i'm using now doesn't have enough storage. 
But i need some passwords ASAP.
I've downloaded it the app on my phone now but there is no way i can recover my password, i tried here and i got a password but it doesn't work on the app, is this a joke?
how are we supposed to recover lost passwords? It makes no sense.
And i bought the app already.
Do i have to buy it again just because you updated the app?
Why don't you create a data base with the emails used during the purchase.
I don't get it.
Why make it so complicated.

Hi Than,

The old mSecure 4 app is not tied to mSecure 5 in any way. mSecure 5 is using a new architecture where everything you are wanting has been implemented.

In the old app, there was no online account system, so the data you stored in the app was only stored locally on the device's internal memory. It wasn't designed to be complicated, but it had to be that way since there was no online account system. Also, since Dropbox syncing could be used to sync your data, it was actually possible to stored your data outside of the device. It just had to be set up by the user. Unless Dropbox syncing was used or backups were made on a regular basis and moved to a location off the device, the data in the app would only be stored on the device on which it was installed.

Because of what I've described above, the only way to retrieve data if you were not using Dropbox syncing is by restoring from a backup file created from the app's Settings. Did you make any backups in the old mSecure app on your device before it died? If so, did you move it a location off the device's internal memory?

hello, thanks for the reply Sir.
I made a backup, but i always unlocked mSecure 4 with touch id, so i forgot my password.
If i restore the backup on a new phone, they will first ask me my password again even if it's a backup.
will i be able to restore my password via the Msecure 4 app? 

Unfortunately, since the security of your data always relies on the password, the only way to decrypt the data in a backup file is by entering the password used when the backup was created. To make the system as secure as possible, we don't acquire our customer's master password or data, so there is no way for us to retrieve them. I'm sorry I don't have better new here Than.

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