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Ver5.7.2.1300 cannot see backup files

I'm an Android user.  Got a new phone and installed mSecure5 today.  I have been using mSecure4 previously.  Ver5 does not see the prior backup folder from Ver4.  As a workaround, I manually copied a Ver4 backup file to the "Download" folder.  When I navigate to the "Download" folder where the backup file is, Ver5 says "Empty Directory", which makes it impossible to perform a restore.

Is there a trick to getting Ver5 to see the Ver4 backup file?

Thank you!!


@Ahmad, @Simon,

Thank you letting me know you are both running into this issue as well. We now have a new Android build ready for testing, and we believe the issue is resolved. I will be testing that build today, and if everything checks out, it will be uploaded to the Play Store. Should work still be needed to fix the problem, know that it is a high priority for us right now.

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