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wrong email

hello, i had used to log in to free trail a while back and today i purchased the pro using another email which is i do have a code for the gmail acct but  not for the hotmail one, how can i fix this so that i can use the pro vesion under the hotmail acct?


Hi Wassim,

Thank you for contacting us. You won't be able to have the license you purchased applied to both accounts, so what you will need to do is get signed in to the same account on each device. Sometimes that's easier said than done depending on the way your data has been stored.

Does either of the accounts have all, or a vast majority, of your data stored in it? The idea here is to figure out which account has the most of your data in it, then make sure you get all data transferred over to that account manually. After all of the data is in that one account, then reset mSecure on each device and sign in to that account.

In the case that the account that has all of your data in it is not using the right email, that's ok, because I can change things up to get your license applied to any of your accounts. The most important first step is to simply get all your data into one account, then proceed from there.

Hi there Thanks for the message, both emails don’t have any data. Goal is for me to use the account under hotmail account. To add I am transferring from legacy msecure to the new one

Hi Wassim,

This should be no problem at all then. Which devices are NOT signed in to your "" mSecure account? All you will need to do is reinstall mSecure on those devices and sign in to the paid account. If you have a Mac computer, let me know, and I'll send you steps to get that app reset so you can sign in to the correct account.

Hi I am not logged in to any devices yet. I am trying to log in to my gmail account but I forgot the password. Can you help? Once done maybe u can move the liscence over to the hotmail acct

Hi Wassim,

I will be able to move the license over to any account you have created, but before I can do that, I want to make sure you I know which devices are working correctly. If I go in and make changes before understanding the situation clearly, it typically causes a lot of confusion in trying to fix the process. After I understand what is happening and if you able to open and unlock mSecure on any of your devices, I will be able to move the license where needed. 

Are you saying that you are not signed in to any mSecure account on any of your devices running mSecure 5? Do you have mSecure 5 installed on any of your devices?

Hello I see, yea I have it installed on my pc and phone. I can log in with my hotmail account but can’t activate that since the lisecne was purchased under the gmail one and I can’t use that because I can’t log in using my gmail account since I forgot my password. Ideally I want to be able to use the Hotmail one.

Hi Wassim,

I still may be misunderstanding something here, because I just checked your "" mSecure account, and it has a paid license. When you open and unlock mSecure on your iPhone and PC, do you see messages telling you the account is free or in a trial period? Based on what I'm seeing on our server, you should see it is a paid account on both of those devices.

Hello, When I log in to it , it’s asking me to activate it by using QR code.
Here is the screen shot from the app on my phone using the hotmail acct

I was able to log in to the gmail account, I noticed two things: One account shows its trial and I paid for pro, how do we fix that? Two need to switch account over to Thank You
Mike, I am extremely disappointed, can someone call me to go over this, I paid 5 days ago and this is still not fixed, we keep on going back and forth. Please advise ASAP. I bought lisence under hotmail account. When I log in using my hotmail account, it asks for a QR code that I don’t have. I was able to log in to the gmail one and it’s synced with the entires. I want to use the lisence with my hotmail account with the pro version
Hi Any update? Still down from my side

Hi Wassim,

I'm sorry for the late response here. Support over the last week has been extremely busy, so I'm just now getting caught up on the forum. I see you have been in contact with other support rep Nick Ross, and your issue should almost be resolved. I'll consider this thread closed.

Hello No worries, one issue is fixed and haven’t heard back from nick, I am having an issue with syncing the desktop app with Dropbox and then we have to restore the data to the new app. Thank You

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