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transferring passwords from mSecure 4.5.4 to 5.7.2 (778)

can this be done without affecting the passwords i have already entered?  the reason i ask is that now my wife are going to use the newer version and she has different passwords to add to the app.

Hi Felix,

Unfortunately, in the current version of mSecure - version 5 - there is no easy way to merge data like you need to here. The good news is, though it's not helpful right now, there will be a merge feature in mSecure 6, which we plan to release before the end of the year.

One thing to ask, are you and your wife both wanting to have full access to each other's data? I want to make sure to address this, because there will be no way to share only specific sets of data when signed in to the same mSecure account.

Yes we are sharing all our passwords with each other. So with the new mSecure 6 coming we can transfer from the old mSecure 4. We'll wait. No extra cost since I've purchased version 5 I hope!

Ok, that sounds like a good plan. As long as you and your wife are using the same mSecure account, there will be no cost in upgrading from mSecure 5. There will be paid upgrades in version 6, but as an mSecure 5 licensed user, you will not loose any functionality you already have paid for in the app.

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