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Need license Key

I had to uninstall/reinstall mSecure Windows 3.5.7 because of a syncing issue. Now when I use the laptop version it tells me I'm in my trial period (I already have a paid account) and need to enter my license key, which I don't have. How do I get my license key sent to me?


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Hi Eve,

Thank you for contacting us. Are you sure you reinstalled mSecure version 3.5.7? In order to see the trial mode messaging, you would have to delete a specific file on your computer and not just uninstall the app. Have you checked which version of mSecure you are now running by chance?

Hi, Mike--I apologize for not cancelling my ticket--the earlier issue regarding syncing and the reinstall was resolved and I did receive a copy of my key, so it's all good. In fact, I just opened mSecure to access the password for this help page, so I know it's working.[g]

Thank you for your response--the helpful support staff is one reason I've enjoyed using mSecure over the years. 


No problem at all Eve! It's great to hear everything is working now, and thank you so much for the feedback!

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