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reinstalling mSecure 5 on a new computer

 I have just bought a new computer running Windows  10.  I signed into my mSecure account and downloaded the app to my computer. When I launched the app for the first time I was asked for my email and password. Which I inserted but a message came up saying "Incorrect email or password" I did this a number of times with not success.

I still have my original "authentication" email but I have not been told to add a key or anything.

I assume the password I should use is the same one I use to access my online account - IS that correct

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Hi Peter,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the late reply to your question. As long as you are signed in to mSecure 5 (not mSecure 3) on another device, you should be able to download mSecure 5 and sign in to the app with the same email address and password. Do you still have mSecure running on your old computer? If so, can you tell me what version of mSecure it is?

How do I put mSecure on my new computer.  I installed the microsoft app  and it does not allow me to sign in.  I think i bought the program to put it on my computer.  Was installed on my old computer.

@Don As long as you are entering the correct email address and password for your mSecure account, you should have no problem setting up the app on any device. When you say you installed it on your old computer, do you know which version of mSecure you were running? Also, do you still have access to that old computer, and if so, are you able to open mSecure and view your information?

I have a new computer running Windows 11. I downloaded mSecure to the computer, and it let me in with my password, but the data did not sync. Can you help?

Hi Madeline,

I'm guessing you have mSecure 6 on your phone, but I'm not entirely sure about that. It's not very likely that mSecure 5 is still installed, because that version of the app was updated to version 6 back in March of last year. At any rate, I need to be sure I know which version you are running on your phone.

Please open mSecure on your phone, then tap the menu button in the top left corner (3 stacked lines). In the menu tap Settings, then scroll down and tap "About mSecure" in the Settings screen. Which version of mSecure does it say is running on your phone?

Hi Mike,

I'm running Version 6.08

Thank you Madeline. I think the reason your data is not syncing is because you may need to do some tinkering to get the Wi-Fi sync feature set to work on your new computer. Alternatively, you can use mSecure Cloud syncing, which is a much, much more user-friendly sync feature. You simply change over to that sync method in mSecure's Settings on one of your devices, and then your data will stay in sync automatically without having to be on the same Wi-Fi network.

Are you interested in using mSecure Cloud syncing instead?

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