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Windows 10 Desktop Buggy


Recently I have been having sluggish performance and "Script error" using the desktop application.  Is there a patch or update that I've missed?  My version is


Hi Rolland,

Thank you for contacting us. I have run into the "Script error" message with at least one other customer, but we're not sure what's causing it to happen. When does that message get displayed? 

When you say the performance is sluggish, can you explain that in detail? Where and when is the app feeling sluggish, and what does that mean exactly?

Also, you mention the desktop is buggy. Is there something else happening besides the "Script error" and the sluggishness?

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your reply.

Regarding the script error.  It is unpredictable when it might happen, but in each occurrence, its been when I use the "Copy" option to grab a password as needed while i work.  This is my most often used feature, I love it, and it saves a lot of time.  In all fairness, I have only have the error show up 3 - 4 times and I've used mSecure for many years as you know.  All the occurrences has happened recently which is why I asked if I missed an update.

Regarding the sluggish performance, it happens when I search for credentials.  since I have ~1040+ records in my mSecure, this may be contributing to the issue.  Again, this is not always the case and I have only encountered this issue recently.

Thanks again for your follow up.  I honestly cannot live without mSecure at this point.


Rolland Lucas

 Hi Mike,

FYI, I got this error again today and was able to capture it.  see attached.



Hi Rolland,

Thank you for the screenshot. I have an email out to our developer asking how we can proceed with diagnosing the cause of these issues. It's possible he may need to create a logging build to gather detailed information on what's happening. Would you be ok with installing a logging build of mSecure?

Hi Mike,

I am not sure what this would entail as i have a tin of sensitive info on my PC as a Business Analyst.  I'm willing to help, but wary of untested installed.



Hi Rolland,

I understand where you're coming from here. Logging builds will only have logging statements added to the current shipping version, so there won't be any harm to your information. Also, to be extra cautious, I always have our customers create a backup before installing a build like this. I haven't heard back from our developer yet, but I will be getting back to you when he emails me.

I have the same "script error" described in this thread.  It occurs with certain entries in my list but not all and is repeatable.  It only occurs on my Win10 PC, not on my iPhone.  

I don't see a resolution in the above thread.  Is there one?

Hi Ron,

Thank you for contacting us about this issue. If I remember correctly from others who have been dealing with this issue, I believe it has something to do with copying data to your clipboard when using the clipboard icon to the right of the fields in the record details. It seems that is what Rolland dealt with as well. Can you let me know what you are doing in mSecure when you see the script error message?


I've been having this issue for over a year, I found a workaround.  When you have the issue where it's running slow, open your task manager (Ctrl-Shift-Esc), go to the Details tab, find mSecure10.exe, right-click and select "Analyze wait chain", then if you see processes in there such as RuntimeBroker.exe, select the checkboxes and then click on End Process. Confirm it and mSecure speeds up again.

I'm also getting the Script Error when attempting to copy a field to clipboard on Windows 10 ....seems to be the same version of Msecure too.

Hi Steve,

Thank you for contacting us. The script error you are seeing is usually related to some other type of security app causing a conflict with mSecure's access of the device's clipboard. The main one we run into is Kaspersky's security suite which restricts access to the clipboard for all 3rd party apps. Are you running Kaspersky security software by chance?

FYI, I am running McAfee and have been for years. 

Also, my desktop version is  Is this the latest version?  i have not updated this or gotten notice to update in a long time.  I also sync with my mobile devices.  If there is an update, would I need to simultaneously update with these devices as well to avoid any sync issues?


I posted my workaround for the issue above. Did that work for you Steve or for anyone else who has the problem? I'm running Norton.

@Rolland 5.5.151 is the latest version for Windows, and I don't suspect that will be updated before the release of mSecure 6. The main thing is to check if McAfee has any feature that blocks access to the clipboard in Windows. For others, the problem is that something blocks access to the clipboard, which is a security feature of some apps like Kaspersky, McAfee, Norton, etc., and mSecure doesn't like it. This is something we're looking to fix in v6.

@Wilbert I'm not sure if you were dealing with the script error as well, but this is a different problem than the slowness you described. I'm not sure how the instructions you wrote would help this, but it looks like @Rolland marked it as the answer.

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