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Unable to validate my Account on my Windows 10 PC after computer reset

I recently had an issue with my windows 10 PC laptop where I had to reset the system and reinstall all my apps.  I reinstalled the mSecure app and I am unable to validate my account after the app reinstall..  I tried everything I can think of from resetting my password and nothing seems to work.  I am using the latest pro version 5 I purchased for many devices and I am  syncing over mSecure cloud.


Here is the issue.  When I installed the app it accepts my logon email address and password.  It then brings up the page “Account Key Required”.   Apparently, it isn’t recognizing “mSecure.msecurekey” on my iCloud drive automatically.  Not sure but from what I read that feature doesn't happen on the PC.  I do have an iCloud drive installed on it. 


So here is what I have tried.


1. I have tired Import Account Key File.  It brings up a window to redirect me to my file folders on my PC.  I then navigate to my iCloud drive and select my “mSecure.msecurekey” file.  I then get the following message.  “Authentication failed  The account key you chose is not able to authenticate you as the owner of this mSecure account.  Please select the correct account key to finish signing in to the account”   I have tried this many times even after changing my password.  I even tried to uninstall and reinstall the app several times with no luck.


2. Next  I tried the second option.  “Import Account Key from Clipboard”  I do exactly like the instructions ask and copy my “Encrypted Account Key” from my email after I send it from another device using the account.  It doesn’t work as advertised going for what is copied and it also directs me my folders on my PC like the first option.  I even tried saving the encrypted key and/or QR code as a jpeg and png and selecting that file.  No luck.


3. Finally I tried “Use Camera”.   Each time I get “Invalid account key”  “The QR code that was scanned failed to authenticate you as the owner of the (my email) mSecure account”.  I have other devices working fine with this account.  No issues on those other devices.  I tried sending out a new email and even changing my password.  Everything works fine on my other devises.  Yes I am using the new key from the password change.


Any help you can give me I would appreciate it.  I am frustrated on my end after spending days on this issue. Please help thanks.


I see from the thread below this issue might be already being addressed with a new release of build 143.    Bad timing I guess on my part to do windows reset.  Hopefully the new release will fix the authentication issues.   I really like the product.   Sorry for starting a new thread as I should have read more through the forum topics first.   I'll let you all know when and if the new version fixes the inability to authenticate on my Windows 10 laptop. 

Hi Geoffrey,

Everything should be fixed in version, which should be in the store now. Go ahead and open the Microsoft App Store app on your PC, then go to your Library and click the Get Updates button. That should download the new version where you can authenticate your account. worked great!   No problem authenticating now.   Thanks for getting back to me and thanks to  mSecure personnel  for resolving the issue so quickly.  

Thank you for the update Geoffrey! It's great to hear everything is working again!

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