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Clipboard clearing

As Mseven are attending to this I thought I’d repeat my clearing method of a year ago…credit to Readdle PDF Converter. Just open, open clipboard and shake under IOS, yes it works under 13.4. Peter.

Hi Peter,

Thank you for responding. Can you clarify what you mean here? When you say "just open, open clipboard and shake", I'm not sure what you mean. Where do you open the clipboard in iOS?

:) Over a year ago and like others I was not happy with the clipboard in Msecure and we swapped emails. This is a method that works. It is I suppose a glitch. It works. It is a PDF Converter use of IOS Shake to Undo I guess. Until we get an Msecure fix I want, and use, something that works even though it’s not writtten up in any user guide.
Oh! To clarify!! I did say open PDF converter. When it is open, open its clipboard and “shake to clear”.

Thank you very much for the clarification Peter.

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