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Cancel my account and refund the $30 please

I wrongly accepted this mSecure account and was charged against my wishes/

Please cancel and refund to my apple account

1 person has this problem

Hi Robert,

At this time, we have multiple posts in the forum, and we have multiple emails sent out to you trying to help get the information we need to refund your order. We need to do this via email, but you're not responding the emails we send. Are you getting those emails Robert?

Please cancel my account and refund my money.

Hi Sharon,

Thank you for contacting us. Did you run into some type of problem while using mSecure? If so, I can help you getting anything fixed you may be experiencing.

With regards to your subscription, it looks like you purchased it from the Apple App Store through the iOS mSecure app. Services purchased from the App Store can only be refunded by contacting Apple. Unfortunately, they do not give third party developers the ability to process refunds. You can get more information about refunds from Apple here: App Store Refunds

No problems.  Just made other arrangements.

No problem Sharon. Let me know if you need further assistance.

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