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Having issues setting up existing account on new laptop

I have downloaded the mSecure 5 app to a new laptop I am transferring from my old one.  I attempted to sign in to the app using my last recorded password, but the password is being rejected.  I have access currently to my mSecure account on both my current laptop and my iPhone (including FaceID on the phone) through Keychain which automatically sets the correct password each time log in on either of these devices.  I have just performed a BACKUP to a secure harddrive, storing a .msib file that was created.

So my question now is, if you reset my account (meaning setting up a NEW account with new password as I understand it), will I be able to then RESTORE all that was just stored in the BACKUP file I created on my separate drive?  Or should I be following a different path to accomplish setting up the app?  Many thanks.

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Hi Rick,

Thank you for contacting us. As long as you are able to manually enter your password to unlock mSecure on at least one device, we should have no problem getting you signed in on your new laptop. You mention being able to unlock mSecure on your iPhone using Face ID. Are you also able to unlock the app by manually entering your password?

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