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upgrading IOS and Win 10 ---easiest pathway

 So I am looking for the easiest way to upgrade.  Have 4 IOS devices, and 2 new win 10 pcs.  IOS devices are running 4.5.4, and WIN devices are running 3.5.7.  Obviously I have to begin with one or the other.  I currently sync via Dropbox and want to continue to do that.  I know I need a new version of Msecure for each type of ops system.  What is the easiest pathway? 

Thank you for contacting us Steve! It should be no problem to upgrade to the new version of mSecure. When signing in to your account for the first time, you should be asked if you would like to migrate your information over from the old mSecure app installed on the device. However, if that doesn't happen for some reason, you can create a backup in the old app and restore from it in the new app. Have you already created an mSecure account, or will you be installing mSecure 5 for the first time?

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