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Date in the future again

Some years ago we had this issue with sync problems due to dates in the future. There was a fix and I completely resetted my mSecure-Installation. After a long time without this problem, it is no here again. I have a record which was last modified in 3921-08-06 10:17:45

I honestly do not have the desire to do the reset again and again.


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Hi Philip. Unfortunately, do to the nature of this bug, we have had a very difficult time determining what is causing the issue. In our testing, we still have been unable to reproduce the bug so that our developers can fix the problem for good. The good news is, if you are only seeing the problem in one record, you should be able to manually recreate that one record to fix the problem.

I'm sorry I don't have a better answer on this, but the issue is on our radar. As soon as we are able to determine what exactly is causing the problem, we will release a new version to fix the bug.

Hello Mike,

thank you for your reply.  I  think I finally managed to get rid of the defect record. 

I have copies of mSecure running on Windows- and Android-Devices. Dropbox is used to sync between the devices. There seems to be a difference in the handling of the record: when deleting the record under Windows, it will be restored with the next sync.   Under Android, the record  isn't restored.

If anyone else is facing this problem, here is how it worked for me:

  1. Start mSecure on all devices and do a sync
  2. Start with an Android device: delete the record and  afterwards sync mSecure 
  3. Repeat this  on every device
  4. Check  on each device whether the record is deleted
  5. Afterwards you can hard delete the record. With the next sync it should be hard deleted on each device


Hi Philipp,

Thank you very much for the steps you mapped out here. As a quick update, one of our developers is implementing some ideas for us to gather logging statistics for what is happening here. Based on what we have discussed and what you are describing, I'm hopeful we'll be able to get new data very soon, which would help us fix the issue for good.

Real quick, when you say to a "hard delete of the record," you are meaning go into the deleted records section of the app and permanently delete the record, right?

Thanky for your reply, Mike.

Yes, "hard deleting" is for me deleting the record in the  pastbin ("Gelöschte Elemente" in German).


Thank you again Philipp. We have implemented a new way to log information needed for fixing this bug, and I expect a new release to be out soon. After that, we'll be gathering information until we can get this resolved.

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