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Shared groups/passwords?

I found a separate thread that discussed having a group with shared passwords for family members - my wife and I could share similar accounts (banks, online resources, etc) but don't need to share others (work, personal, etc).  

What is the status of this feature or is there an alternative method we can use?  I'd happily pay another $20 to keep from having to manually update our shared passwords all the time!

Thank you!

Hi Jeff,

We are still working on our sharing features. We hope to have the features out an a major update soon. The sharing features will allow you to share select "Vaults" or groups of records with many other mSecure accounts. You'll have control of what Vaults you share and who you share them with. You'll also be able to set different levels of permission for users sharing your information. Unfortunately, I do not have a release date or time frame to share at this time.

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