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mSecure 4.5.4 to mSecure 5.5

I have been using version 4.5.4 only on my old iPhone 6s plus for about 3 years. I am seeing the need to migrate date to my other devices and get rid of the original phone. How can I ensure the security of my old passwords/data? And how do I get these same data onto mSecure v.5? 

I hope someone can answer quickly as I would like to upgrade, but only if I can they can assure me of not losing my data.


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Hi Antonio,

To transfer your data from mSecure 4 to mSecure 5, simply download mSecure 5 on a device that you have mSecure 4.5.4 installed on, create an mSecure account in mSecure 5 (accounts are new with mSecure 5), and mSecure 5 will safely and quickly migrate your data on that device. Afterward, you will be able to have access to your data in mSecure 5 on any other device using the mSecure account you created. 

You can download mSecure 5 here:





Hi. I tried restoring my data from 4.5.4 to 5 on my PC. Emailed a backup of 4.5.4 from my iPhone but I it fails to restore the .msim file. HELP PLEASE!!!

Unable to restore data from emailed .msim 4.5.4 backup from iPhone on PC in Msecure 5. Can anyone assist please?

I'm sorry to hear you aren't able to restore from your .msim backup file. Can you describe what happens when you try to perform the restore? Does mSecure show you any error messages?

Also, do you still have a phone on which you will be running mSecure? If you still have your iPhone, it would be best to simply install mSecure 5 on that device and then restore from the backup on that device as well. After the restore, the data should sync over to mSecure on your PC.

Thanks I got it sorted.

That's great news...good to hear you were able to get everything sorted out! Please let us know should need further assistance.

I migrated from mSecure 4.5.4 to mSecure 5.5.  Do I need to delete all data in version 4.5.4 and remove the account? If so how do I go about doing it without affecting data in 5.5?

Hi Denise,

Thank you for contacting us. Both the old version of mSecure and mSecure 5 can be run simultaneously, so it is up to you if you would like to delete the old app from your device. There is no harm in keeping both of them installed. However, as long as you have all your data imported into mSecure 5, there is no real reason to keep the old app, so you can delete the app and data stored in it by simply long-tapping the app icon, and then choosing the option to remove it from your device. Deleting the old app from the device will have no effect on the data stored in mSecure 5.

MSecure 4.5.4 keeps crashing on both iPad and iPhone. I downloaded mSecure 5 and transferred data. Worked well. Then I opened mSecure 4 and all data was recovered though the font was very different and bold. So, I deleted 5 and then went to use mSecure4 again and it crashed. Help!

Hi Sandra,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. Since we don't have any known issues that sound like you are describing, I'm not sure what could be causing the old mSecure app to crash. Unfortunately, since that version of mSecure is no longer supported, there isn't much we can do along the lines of troubleshooting. The one thing I could have you do is try creating a backup of your data and then restore from it to see if that fixes the problem, but there are no guarantees it will. If that is a route you would like to go, please let me know, and I'll send instructions.

My recommendation would be to upgrade to mSecure 5 in this situation. It's the current version of the app, so it has ongoing support. Also, at some point in time in the future, there will most likely be an iOS update that breaks the functionality in the older version of mSecure. At that time, there should be no problem moving your data over to mSecure 5, but we have no way of knowing what will actually happen when that time comes. Do you currently have a license for mSecure 5 Sandra?

I bought a license for mSecure5 but I did it on my dad’s iPad because I share my Apple apps with him - I manage his affairs since he is elderly. Unfortunately , I does not appear under my purchases. I assume it went undear his email address. My husband’s msecure4 is still ok but mine lost all photo attachements.  Some of these images are password matrix cards needed to access account so I really need to make sure I don’t loose them. Is there a way I can transfer the mSecure5 I purchased under my email? It was paid with my credit card and under my name. Also, if I migrate my husbands to mSecure5, will all photos and images transfer? It was in the “trial of mSecure5” and then going back to mSecure 4 that I lost the pictures/attachments.

Hi Sandra,

Transferring your mSecure 5 license and migrating your data over should be no problem at all. Unfortunately, however, any photo attachments that were lost at a previous time won’t be restored during the migration. If those attachments aren’t showing up in any mSecure app, I’m afraid they will have to be re-added. The good news is, we don’t have any known issues with photo attachments in mSecure 5, so once you have them added, they’ll be there for good.

Regarding your husband’s data, if he upgrades to v5, all of the photo attachments will be migrated. After going through the sign up process for an account, v5 will ask if he would like to migrate his data in from the old app, and if he says yes, everything will be transferred over.

To move your license, I’ll need to know which email address you used when you originally purchased the license on your dad’s iPad. Once I have that, I’ll check the account online and make sure I see the license.

My husband and I share apps. Do I have to buy 2 msecure5 licenses or can we continue to share and keep in sync? We have the 200gb family iCloud storage so I assume we would continue to keep sync via iCloud. His version still has all photos/images so ideally I would move over his data and then restore mine with his data. Not sure how to do that but I will worry when I get there. Is there a way for me to send you email without having to print personal email information on this public forum? Thanks.

If you and your husband are sharing all of the data you each enter in mSecure, you will only need to purchase one mSecure 5 license. You will both be able to sign in to the same mSecure account, and when you do, all of the data will stay in sync on all the devices you and your husband own that are running mSecure and signed in to that same account.

It’s good to hear he has all of the photos in his mSecure app. I think the best move here would be to create a brand new mSecure 5 account on your husband’s device, and then you can migrate the data over during the account setup. After the data is migrated, you can then reinstall mSecure 5 on your devices and sign in to the account, and everything should sync over.

Regarding syncing, you can use iCloud syncing, but I would recommend using mSecure Cloud syncing instead. There are issues outside of our control that can take place with iCloud syncing, so using mSecure Cloud is the most simple solution.

Are you good with creating a new account on your husband’s iOS device Sandra? After it’s created, and all of the data is migrated, I can move the license over from your paid mSecure 5 account. If you are ok going this route, let me know which email address you used when you purchased the mSecure 5 license on your dad’s iPad. After I have that, I’ll check the license, and then send further instructions on moving forward on your husband’s device.

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