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Sync Strategy across operating systems

We wish to use a single mSecure account on MacOS, iOS, Windows, and possibly Android over a mix of work and personal data. Our devices are spread among multiple operating systems and iCloud accounts and we can't afford the storage to to span iCloud accounts. We could use DropBox or mSecure's Cloud syncing. Or we could use manual syncing. There are only 2 people sharing our account; I alone generate/edit on MacOS and iOS and she only needs to receive the sync file via Windows and/or Android. 

I am leaning on a simple manual one-way-I-email-coworker-the-datafile sync solution.  KISS seems wise for  us.

Does anyone have success using the automated syncing across different OS's and devices?

Hi Fritz,

It seems that this post is intended to be answered by others here on the forum. However, I thought I'd answer as well. mSecure 5 allows you to download the app on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows (minimum system requirements are iOS 10.3+; Watch OS 4.3+; Android 4.3+; Mac 10.11+; Windows 10 (UWP)) and sign in to a single mSecure account. With that, you can easily sync your information across devices using our mSecure Cloud, iCloud (only Apple devices), Dropbox (has limits on free accounts now), or WiFi syncing. 

All our syncing features work across different OS's. However, as mentioned, iCloud syncing can only work using Apple devices. Additionally, even if you paid for the expanded iCloud Drive storage, our iCloud syncing feature will only work using one single iCloud Drive account. You cannot sync across different iCloud accounts using our iCloud syncing feature. The same is true with Dropbox syncing as well. 

I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about our different sync features and how to use them. 

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