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Refund - Where?

After being locked out of the app multiple times now I dont think this is for me. Too buggy. I can already tell Im gonna have to be tech support again and I don't want that. So where can I request a refund?

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Hi Bart,

I'm sorry about the issues you are having. I'm not sure what is buggy about our software in this case. We have no known issues with our account and it's account password system for mSecure 5 nor the device specific unlock passwords used in mSecure 4 and older versions. However, we are happy to provide a refund for any purchase made from our website or the Google Play Store less than 60 days old. Simply share your order number or Google Play transaction number with me here, create a new ticket on this website, or email us at and we will provide a refund for you. If you purchased an mSecure 5 license using the Apple app stores or the Microsoft Store, you'll have to contact Apple or Microsoft directly for a refund and they have stricter refund policies. 

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