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Need to redownload secure on my Mac

Lost msecure on my Mac after downloading Catalina. Need to replace secure.

Hi John,

mSecure is available on the Mac App Store. Simply open the Mac App Store on your Mac, search for mSecure, and download the app again. Here are links to the various app stores mSecure is available in:





Than k you...I tried that a number of times but will not work on the Mac. Always comes up problem with user name/password. I still have mSecure on my iPhone and it works fine with facial recognition.  

Hi John,

What comes with a problem with username or password? Are you referring to the Mac App Store or our mSecure 5? Did you manage to download mSecure 5 on your computer? Is your issue with trying to sign in to an mSecure account in our app or with downloading the app on your Mac? If it's the formal, are you able to unlock mSecure 5 on your iPhone using only your account password (not using Face ID)?

Thanks. I downloaded the msecure app to my Mac. Am not have tried several possible user names and the pw I had used before the loss of msecure occurred.

Hi John, 

I don't understand what you mean. However, it does sound like you managed to download the app on your Mac and that your issue is a sign in issue. Do you have mSecure 5 on any other device? If so, you shouldn't be guessing what your account email address is. Ideally, you would know exactly what your mSecure account email is. However, if you don't, you can open mSecure 5 and unlock the app on another device, go to the Settings or Preferences, and find out what your account email address is under the "Account Settings" options. Also, I have to ask you again, are you able to unlock mSecure 5 on your iPhone using only your account password (not using Face ID)?

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