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Restore android 4.4

 My backup did not save and after phone reset how can I get info from m5 desktop back into my phone. If I try and sync the info in desktop version gets erased to match the phone, but I do have a backup on desktop which i can restore . Setting the desktop to Main computer and syncing does not work. Please help.

Hi Eddie,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  Unfortunately, I'll need more information in order to help here. When you say Android 4.4 do you mean Android Version 4.4 or KitKat or are you referring to a version of mSecure instead? Also, if you have your information in mSecure 5 on your computer, and have access to a backup file, can you not restore from the backup file after your devices sync and the data is removed? Have you tried that? If so, can you let me know what happens when you do that? Lastly, you mentioned that syncing erases the info on both devices, however, you then end things by stating that syncing does not work. Is WiFi syncing working for you or not? Perhaps it's only working sometimes?

Hi Eden I know I was not very clear but I have a Galaxy s8 which is android version 9. I have M5 pro and I had to do a factory reset my phone and the back up I had only put in one password file and I have 83, so then thinking I would just sync it to my desktop and would bring them all back but it instead  changing desktop to match phone with one password. So having a backup in the desktop I restored that back. Now I need help getting that desktop info to my phone. Will the cloud do that I have stayed away from cloud since using version 5?

Hi Eddie,

Thank you for the additional information. The reason things were updated on all devices to have a single record is because your last action on Android was the backup restore. Our app checks when the last backup restore date is and will always sync that backup to other devices. If you did another backup restore on your computer, that information will sync with mSecure 5 on your Android next time you sync as well. 

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