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Why the price increas?

Hi, I'm using the trial with the price quoted as $29.99. Now it's $32.39. Normally I wouldn't care. But I'm going through a shit storm right now..

- my hosting has double it's pricing

- IRS has sent me a $14,000 bill

- Here where I live the sales tax is going up to 10% from 8%

There's more, but I think the point has been made.

So what's with the price descrepnecy?

Got an emal reminder that the trail will be over in 9 days, I can get the Pro for a one-time purchase for $29.99.

Again, I normally wouldn't mind. But this just ticked me off. 

There! gat that off my chest. 

Hi Ken,

Unfortunately, some states as well as the EU and other countries collect sales taxes. In order to comply with laws, we have to collect these taxes for states, the EU, and other countries. Our price of US$29.99 is the price before any taxes or the full actual price for the state we live in (Oregon) because Oregon does not collect sales taxes. I'm sorry I don't have better news for you here. However, please create a ticket or email us at and ask about receiving a discount. We generally give out a 33% off discount that would make the license US$19.99 (plus tax). 


Hi Eden,

First, apologies. I didn't realize that when I clicked on the website the price increase was the sales tax, %8 here in Japan. Usually, I see the price increase when I actually buy the product. I was both surprised and confused, it may be too that I'm 70 and not all here mentally. Anyhow, I do appreciate your offer of a discount. But now that I understand it, I prefer to pay the $32.something. I really like mSecure and also your support and I want to show my support by paying the FULL PRICE. Makes me happy to help you too. \(*<>*)/ 

It's custom here where I live to show both 'humble apology' and 'greatful thanks" 

with a bow... m(_ _)m

Please close this ticket with a smile.



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