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Recommendation: add date Password last changed

Would like to recommend adding a default date field prompting users to add the date they last changed a Password. That will be a nice visual reminder to update their password or to see how old it is.

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Hi Suzzie,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us and provide feedback here. Could you let me know exactly how you envision this feature? Please note that we've had requests for password and expiration date reminders and are currently working on implementing those kinds of features along with a password history feature in the app so we might already have something in mind for your request. Additional feedback is always welcomed though!

Hi. Thanks for the reply. What I created for myself is a custom entry that says date Password last changed (pic attached - no personal info included). Recommend date field to automatically update when the password is changed. It would be displayed under the password so it could be easily seen. Hopefully it serve as a reminder to people to see how old their passwords are and hopefully proactively change them more often. Maybe even an option in the settings to alert (turn red or something) when passwords are 30, 60, or 90 days old since banking you might want to change more often, etc. While the feature that’s available now that lists old passwords is nice, it’s out of the way. Thanks!

I would prefer that MSecure automatically post the system date/time whenever a password or new entry is created and another posted date when the password is modified. This would facilitate password aging etc.

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