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Can not get encryted key into Windows 10

I have the encrypted key in my Windows 10 clipboard. I am at the Import Account Key from Clipboard. I can not  import to your your clipboard. It just will not work for me. I am new to Windows 10. I need help.

Hi Wiley,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing. What do you mean exactly when you say you have the encrypted key in your clipboard? Did you highlight the encrypted account key found in your QR code email and select the copy option on Windows (Right click and click copy or CTRL+c)? After doing that, are keeping the app/software that you used to copy the encrypted account key opened and then trying to select the Clipboard option in mSecure 5 to authenticate? Here a video that shows you how to do this: and here's a guide that shows you how to authenticate using the other methods as well:

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