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Keyboard lag

I've just purchased the mSecure  v.5.5 . When using on my mobile (Samsung  S7 Android 8.0), I noticed a very significant lag when using keyboard to enter data in the various fields. The keyboard is Samsung and I have sufficient RAM and storage. I have restarted the phone and reinstalled the app but the problem continues. This does not happen on my PC.

Can you kindly let me know what to do?




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Hi Divakar,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issues you are experiencing. I find no issues with the Samsung Keyboard and our app using a Galaxy S7 running Android 8.0. I also tried using the Gboard (Google Keyboard) without any lag at all. Can you let me know where exactly you are experiencing lag issues? Are you experiencing lag when trying to type your account password to unlock the app, in the search input, when editing a record, or all the above? Perhaps this is a specific issue with a specific input or field type you might be using? We also have not received much feedback about this happening to others. However, I have had one customer tell me they were experiencing lag issues. They were running lots of apps in the background though and had lots of keyboard themes that I thought might be causing issues. Perhaps you have a similar set up?

I have noticed this as well when editing or adding new records. Usually in the login name field or url field. It can be up to 5-6 seconds sometimes.

Hi Roger,

This seems to be an issue with some third party keyboards and using specific themes or settings for those keyboards. Unfortunately, we are unable to reproduce this issue ourselves. However, we recommend using the default keyboard for your device or the Google GBoard.

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