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Cannot install mSecure 5 on laptop

Windows 10 just did Windows Update. I am in a continuous loop - I get to the install on my devices screen -> click on it.  Get to the where do you want to install? My machine is there. I click on the box next to it then click install now -> then it says thank you, We’re attempting to install on your selected device(s).  I click ok and it brings me back to the install on my devices screen.  What gives?  Thanks, -GT

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Hi Glenn,

Unfortunately, we control no aspect of the Microsoft Store app. Please refer to this article for Microsoft Store troubleshooting steps:

Is there a way to bypass the store?  MS is a PIA!

Hi Eric,

Unfortunately, for your needs here, mSecure 5 for Windows is a UWP app and can only be downloaded from the Microsoft Store:

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