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Forum change

Have you changed the way the forum works?

It used to be that I could see all the forums on the screen and just visually scan to see if anything recent had been posted.

Now the forums seem to have been split up into groups so that this is no longer possible.

Hi Andy,

We (I) changed the forum software used in 2017. There's been a few cosmetic changes here and there, but it's been mostly the same since early 2018. I'm sorry that the forum is not working how you remember or how you'd like it to though.


This is what I now see when I log into the forums - I used to see a list of posts (with a last update timestamp) so that I could scan the most recent posts without having to select each category individually - is this something I have done - is there a way to get back to my old view?

Oh, I see. That was my bad. I've been working on some updates for the forum and it seems that I accidentally published changes that were not intended to be published. I've now reverted the changes and you should see the 5 most recent topics for each category/topic.

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