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migrating to version 5

I have used MSecure for a long time and like it. I have it on 2 ipads and two iphones - all synced.  I am afraid to move to version 5, because when I did several months ago,  I lost a lot of data. Question: Can I keep my current version with all its data while migrating to version 5 - so if the new version  doesn't work, I still have a workable version?


Several months ago I installed version 5.  It did a horrible job transferring information  from  version 4. Much data was lost and I was lucky I had a backup and I still had version 4 Now I am afraid to try version 5.  I like version 4 as it has worked well for me. What should I do??

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Hi Floyd,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  mSecure 5 is a completely separate version of mSecure. Nothing you do in mSecure 5 can affect the previous versions and vice versa. You are free to use mSecure 5 along side any older version. However, please note that mSecure 5 will not sync with the older versions. mSecure 5 can restore from a .msim backup file created in the old versions though:

Unfortunately, I don't know what the issue with migration was previously. However, you can always create a new backup file of mSecure 4 or 3 and restore the information from that file in mSecure 5.

I lost version 4 on my iPhone 10+ and now can only download v5. I tried v5 earlier but forgot the password. Support just sent me a link and I was able to reset my password on my iMac but it does NOT work on my iPhone!!?? Please help!


Hi John,

It sounds like you received an email from our support website. As the email tells you on the top and bottom, the support website is not related to our app or mSecure account system in any way. 

If you have forgotten your account's password or lost access to your QR code, you can learn how to reset your account and start over in mSecure 5 here:

Note: mSecure 5 is a completely separate version of mSecure. Nothing you do in mSecure 5 will affect the previous versions. An account reset will not affect your mSecure 3 or 4 information in any way.

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