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Allow *unencrypted* export

For us, URGENT. In case one of us “gets run over by a semi” (as it were) the other (or an executor) should be able to have access to passwords *even without mSecure*! We would like, for our safe deposit box, a *printed* copy of usernames and passwords (and other secure info such as Q&A). It would be very helpful to have a plain-text export. Especially for some of *us* old farts.

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Hi Albo,

Thank you for contacting us. I have moved your feature request to the general questions section. mSecure 5 already allows you to both print your information and export your information to a CSV file. Both these features can only be found in mSecure 5 for Mac or Windows.

To print on Mac

1. Open and unlock mSecure 5

2. Click Edit from the top menu bar

3. Click Print

To export your information to a CSV file on Mac:

1. Open and unlock mSecure 5

2. Click Edit from the top menu bar

3. Click Export

4. Click CSV...

Please let me know if you need help using either option. Also note that you can use Numbers to view, edit, and print out the CSV information as well. Also, forgot to mention, a CSV export does not currently export any custom fields.

Superb! Printed 40 pages (¡!) and on our way to the bank within a half hour.

I'm glad I could help!

Does the CSV export only work on the desktop app?  I don't see it on the iPad or iPhone menu.  Have been trying to reinstall my desktop mSecure for a couple of days now with no success.  I'd at least like to be able to export my data.  Under the heading up a recursive problem: I was not able to logon to this form because I was not able to open my desktop mSecure and get the password.  Had to do a reset.

Hi Rick,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing. What version of mSecure are you using on your iOS (iPhone/iPad) devices? Here's an image that might help:

mSecure 5 is a completely new and separate version of mSecure. We introduced an account system with mSecure 5. This account system is new and only available in mSecure 5. Any account you make on this support website ( is in no way tied to our mSecure app or mSecure account system. 

With all that out of the way, you can only print or create CSV files in the desktop versions of mSecure 3 and mSecure 5. You cannot create a CSV export on a mobile version of mSecure.

Thank you for the response.  I am using 5.  Have the problem sorted out.  Makes sense to have two different passwords but still a bit convoluted to get a password to access the help you need about getting to your passwords...

Hi Rick,

I'm glad you have everything sorted out now. Please note that the forum is just an extra option for help. You can always just email us at to get help without having to sign in to anything.

 I too would like to do a print out of info from msecure to put in my safety deposit box but have windows 10 - please help, thank you

how can I print info using windows 10

Hi Judy,

Thank you for contacting us. There is a print feature in the desktop versions of mSecure. I'm assuming you are running mSecure 5, so if that's not correct, let me know. In that version of the app, you can open mSecure and unlock it, then look at the options in the bottom toolbar in the middle column. Click the three dots to show more options, and you will see the Print option. Click that button to print your information.

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