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What is the actual price for this software I thought it was $29.99

Well I received an email to purchase the software at 33% off. 

When I tried to make the purchase it defaulted the price of $29.99

Is the email misleading?


Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  The full price of mSecure 5 is $29.99. We often offer discounts to purchase or upgrade to mSecure 5. If you received an email for a 33% off price, your mSecure 5 purchase price would be $19.99. The email should have a direct link to sign in to your mSecure account and receive the discount price. If you navigate to the homepage from the link(s) provided, you would like see the full price. Please use the link(s) in the email to get the discount offer. Also, the discount is offered as an automatically applied coupon. The coupon can be disabled or removed by a user. Perhaps you removed the coupon?

Note: prices are USD prices.

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