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Cant get a response from MSecure

Can anyone advise how you get MSecure support team to respond to a query raised via their ticketing system. I contacted them on sunday and again today and cant seem to get any response. Based in Ireland and really find it difficult to get in touch with them. Is there a number you can call? Thanks and appreicate any feedback. 


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Hi Jane,

If you are using mSecure 4, you have no mSecure account. Only mSecure 5 uses an account system. However, if you set up Dropbox syncing in mSecure 4 already, you simply have to make sure you have or know your cloud sync password. Once you know your cloud sync password, reinstall mSecure 4 to fix your issues. Reinstalling mSecure 4 will cause you to start over and mSecure 4 will require you to set up a new device specific login password. Afterwards, you can set up Dropbox syncing to sync in all of your information.

So follow these steps if you have already set up Dropbox syncing in mSecure 4:

  1. Open and login to mSecure 4
  2. Tap the gear icon
  3. Tap Sync Setup
  4. Tap Dropbox
  5. Tap "Change your password"
  6. Change the cloud sync password to something you know
  7. Please exit the settings and go back into the Dropbox settings and tap the Show Password option to confirm that the cloud sync password has changed. This is very important.
  8. Uninstall mSecure 4 (if you're using mSecure 5, you'll need to uninstall mSecure 5 first)
  9. Install mSecure 4. How to reinstall a previously purchased app:

After all this, you'll have mSecure 4 in a state where you actually know your password and have your information. From here, you can move to mSecure 5 if you'd like.

Hi Paul,

Thank you for providing the correct order number. Are you wanting me to transfer the purchase from to Please confirm so that I can do that now.

I have a ticket in that’s simular but has yet to be addressed. Paid and upgraded to version 5 from 3. Got 3 machines. First 2 upgraded fine. Last machine didn’t give option for login and goes straight to password. When I enter it, says I can’t restore, trial version. I can see it’s associated to another email address and it won’t let me change it. Have deleted the app and reloaded. Seems to be cached and don’t give option to put other login in. Please help

Hi Korey,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  I'm sorry that you were upset with the time it took us to respond. We are mostly caught now in support. However, we do no work the weekends. Questions asked on Friday afternoon, will not be answered until we get to them on Monday or sometimes Tuesday depending on the amount of emails/tickets in the system. You contacted us on Thursday evening so we should have answered you by Friday. However, we were still working through all the tickets in our system from the holiday season and new years. Anyway, it looks like my co-worker Spencer helped you out already. Please let me know if you have any other questions or need more help.

Understood. Thanks for resolving.


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