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I’m trying to update on iPhone to msecure 5 from 4. Where is QR code I’m not getting an email.

Hi Terry,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. I'm not sure what's happening here, but you should have received the "Authentication Email" after you first signed in to your mSecure account. We have found that for some customers the email gets placed in either a spam/junk folder or some other folder in their email app due to rules that automatically route incoming emails. Make sure to run a search in your email app to see if you can find an email with the subject: "". Be sure to run a search specifically from inside your spam folder as some apps omit this folder when searching for emails.

Unfortunately, if you are unable to find your authentication email, there is no way for mSeven Software to resend it to you. In order to maintain the security of your account, we do not have the information needed to retrieve your account key, so the only way to resend the email is for the owner of the account to resend it from the account settings from within the mSecure 5 app. To find instructions on our support site on how to resend the authentication email, click this link: Resend Authentication Email

If you were able to find the authentication email in your email app, or if you were able to resend the email from the mSecure Account Settings on a different device, please stop here and let me know.

If you weren't able to gain access to your authentication email, are you able to unlock mSecure 5 on any of your devices? The very first device you install mSecure 5 on does not require you to authenticate your account, so I'm hoping you have access to the app on at least one of your devices. If not, are you running the old mSecure app on any of your devices by chance, and if so, do you still have all of your information accessible in that app? If you do have access to your information in the old mSecure app, it should be no problem to reset your mSecure 5 account, and then transfer your information from the old mSecure app into the new app.

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