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Email address

Hi I need to change my email address & password how can I do this?

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Hi John,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  What account email address and password are you trying to change? mSecure 5 is the first and only version of mSecure to use an account system and I see no mSecure account under your email address. You'll have to create an account in order to get started with mSecure 5.

Note: this website ( uses a separate account system meant only for support.


Hi Tebel,

Why are you screaming? Why reply to a completely unrelated post? Why not create your own discussion or topic and provide useful information? What email address are you trying to change? Where? So many questions and so little information provided.

  1. What email address?
  2. Where? On our support website or on our app?
  3. If mSecure 5 related, are you trying to change your account email address to an email address you already have an account for?

mSecure 5 is the first and only version of mSecure to have an account system. That means that it is the first version that would require you to create an account or use an email address. You can change your email address in mSecure 5 at any point. However, you cannot change an email address for an account to an email address already in use by another account. For example, you have accounts for and You would be unable to change the account to because the iCloud account already exists. However, you could change the account to any other email not in use or you could change the iCloud account to something else in order to be able to change the gmail account to to it. Hope this helps. If not, please remove caps lock (stop yelling) and providing more information and I'd be happy to help you.

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