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No Cyber Monday deals on mSecure?

With many companies and online vendors  company jumping the Black Friday / Cyber Monday shopping discounts, I found it unfortunate that mSecure is not offering some sort of discount on their products for this frenzy shopping time. 

It seems like it could have been a great opportunity to get some additional exposure and business for mSecure?  Any plans for holiday discounts?

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Hi Brian,

Thank you for contacting us. We generally do provide discounts during holidays like other companies. However, we decided to skip all the Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals this year. However, we are likely to have a New's Year deal this year. Either way, can simply email us at asking for a discount or seeing if a discount is available and we're likely to provide you a discount of some sort just for asking :-)

Thank you for the response.  I will see what you have to offer around the New Years time,   I am looking to get the updated mSecure for someone, so there is no rush.  


Like @Brian, I will also be monitoring discounts for mSecure in the new year time because I was looking and surveying the market for alternative to 1Password and KeeperSecurity as password manager.

Thanks for the feedback given above.

Hi Baiano,

Thank you for contacting us. We currently do have a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal for mSecure Premium and Essentials. You should have received an email or two already over the past week notifying you of the 33% discount unless you have unsubscribed from our marketing emails.

Did you receive an email notifying you of the discount?

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