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MSecure could do with being clearer about what password it is asking for when the password is updated

Just a bit a feedback having just changed mSecure to use Windows Hello for logon, which allowed me to use a more complex password for my mSecure account (thanks for that!).

I use mSecure on several PCs as well as IOS and Android. It seems when you change the mSecure account password it disables Windows Hello on all PCs and requests a "password" next time you use it. However, it does not say that the password it initially requires is the OLD password. Only when that is entered does it then tell you the password has been changed and ask for the NEW password.

 Understandably I think , I tried putting in my NEW password first. As this is long and complicated and I had to do it manually, when it did not work I assumed it was because I had incorrectly entered it and tried it again several times. I nearly locked myself out of mSecure before thinking to try my old password.

When you try to use mSecure on a PC after a password change I think you need to:

- Tell people Windows Hello has been disabled due to password change

- Tell people they need to put their old (pre-update) password first, if that is really necessary

I can also see quite a few people no longer having a record of their old password after updating it. I was lucky that mine was relatively simple and easy to remember. But, if someone updates a very long and complex password and does not keep a copy of the old one they could be in some trouble! I guess completely deleting the mSecure app and then adding it back would resolve it but that's clearly less than ideal and likely to lead to support request first!

Hi Jon,

Thank you for the feature request. Unfortunately, this is a limitation of our current set up. Because of how our encryption works, the app needs to be decrypted or unlocked first before it can check to see account changes in our system and let you know about that the password changed. We do have plans to change how this all works to create a much easier user experience in the futre though!

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