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mSecure search stinks, or is it me?!

If I'm looking for my wife's gmail password that is saved in mSecure, and I put a G in the search field, why doesn't mSecure prioritize my search starting with G? It shows all my records that have a gmail password...that's almost all of them.

It will be much better when tagging is implemented - although its been "planned" for a long time now

Hi Arthur,

Thank you for contacting us. Andy is correct, this will be improved with our planned tagging system. However, this can already be improved by filtering by a specific Group or if using the computer versions, filtering by group and(or) type in mSecure. That would reduce the number of search results to only the group and(or) type you are looking for. Beyond that, the search results are sorted by your Sort By selection. By default, they will be sorted by the records in alphabetic order. You can change your sort to Date, Group, Name, or Type to have different sorting orders in your main view and in the search results.

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